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Patient Testimonials

At BalanceMD, we take great pride in the outcome of our patients, as it reflects on our diagnostic and treatment capabilities when it comes to helping patients recover form their often disabling symptoms of dizziness and vertigo.  Even though many of our patients have already seen several physicians, and may have been suffering from dizziness or vertigo for many years (sometimes decades), we take great pride in the fact that 91% of our patients will experience either significant improvement or cure of their symptoms.

I am so relieved to not be suffering any more! After 10 years of mis-management, having a correct diagnosis and treatment for vestibular migraines is a blessing. Multiple doctors have treated me for supposed ear infections, vertigo, inflammation of the inner ear, etc, without success. You knew what it was within 5 minutes! Managing this problem correctly gives me a new lease on life!

Dr. Robin S Wagner 

About 4 months prior, I was diagnosed with vertigo and treated with pills that sometimes helped. I could barely function without feeling dizzy. My wife called and made the appointment with BalanceMD. The only words I can think of as to this treatment is witchcraft, voodoo, unbelievable magic!!! It worked, 2 visits and no more dizziness.

I can not say enough about the professional treatment I was given. I thank them daily for the magic given to me. I can now once again move without falling over!

Bill Zhmendak 

I used to be called the ‘dizzy grey-­haired grandma’. I often just felt dizzy and unsteady. My doctors told me I was getting old and I’d just have to live with it. Dr. Sanders determined my problem was due to migraine, even though I wasn’t having headaches. He started me on a medication, and for the first time in years, I haven’t felt dizzy!

H. Schaffner Logansport, IN 

I am a very active 55 year old grandma who had a history of headaches and migraines for over 30 years. I was given Zebutal for my migraines and I was taking 6-8 excedrin migraine a day until vertigo set in with the room spinning and the dizziness put me down for 5 weeks. I was sent to a Dr to test my thyroid. Came back negative. Emergency room gave me several pain medicines - did not work. Went to Balance Point for different test. Came (back) negative. Finally I was referred to Dr. Sanders by Dr. Gutt and he was my miracle! I am on amitriptyline 25 mg and I feel like a new person with a new life. I went from 6-8 excedrin down to zero or maybe 2 once in awhile. I can’t thank Dr. Sanders enough. I also get more sleep! It is a great feeling! Thank u Dr Sanders.

Teresa M Ferrando New Whiteland, IN