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Vestibular Migraine and Migraine-associated Dizziness

The most common cause of dizziness overall, is migraine.  The most recent research data indicate that approximately 50% of all patients reporting dizziness, in particular, without hearing loss, have migraine-associated dizziness.  

Migraine-associated dizziness is one of the most under-recognized conditions in medicine today.  It can occur at any age, and despite the use of the term “migraine”, may occur without headache pain at all.  Common symptoms include simply a sense of light-headedness and imbalance, typically worse in the morning.  There is a sensation of floating and that the head and eyes are not moving together.  Visual motion or activities that require visual stimulation are particularly bothersome.  Light and/or noise sensitivity may be present.  Scanning for items at the grocery store or being in large, open buildings is often met with much difficulty.  Treatment requires elimination of any trigger factors that might be exacerbating the migrainous symptoms, but often medications that serve to prevent migraine symptoms, are necessary.