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How hearing aids sound

You should expect a dramatic improvement in hearing, but remember that the quality of the sound you hear is subjective and may take some getting used to.

· Your ability to hear and understand others should be improved. Other people’s voices shouldn’t sound distorted, harsh, or artificial.

· The sound of your own voice should be “normal,” not tinny, harsh, or distorted. Your own voice should not sound like you’re in a barrel or have an echo.

· The amount of sound you hear should match the environment. In a crowded room with many people talking at once, sound will be loud but not deafening.

· Hearing aids should help you distinguish speech from noise. Hearing aids should be adjusted to optimize this feature.

· When properly tuned, hearing aids should help you identify the location of a sound or voice

· Hearing aids should not whistle, buzz or give you feedback.

Below are links to facts about hearing aids and commonly asked questions about hearing aids which will hopefully dispel some of the myths you may have encountered.

How hearing aids sound