How hearing aids work, when working properly

Your hearing aids should help you understand and communicate in a variety of sound environments. Depending on the level of technology recommended by your hearing professional, your hearing aids may switch automatically or manually between memory settings for different sound environments.

· Hearing and communicating in quiet environments (home, work, doctor’s office) should be improved.

· Your ability to hear and understand speech in environments with background noise (restaurants, dinner parties, environments with fans or A/C running) should be improved.

· Your hearing aids should help you understand speech in larger environments where there is reverberation (lecture halls, worship spaces, movie theaters).

·  Loud sounds (sirens, traffic, construction sounds) should not be uncomfortable but you should hear them clearly.

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Below are links to facts about hearing aids and commonly asked questions about hearing aids which will hopefully dispel some of the myths you may have encountered.

How Hearing Aids Work